13 Aug

LS16 THE FUTURE: AI and our creative minds with Author Antony Wootten

The future of AI and our creative minds. Antony Wootten speaks to us from an authors perspective. Creative thought is still needed to write, draw, paint and imagine worlds beyond what experience. It’s not all futuristic or science fiction, but also nature. When Antony speaks about the beautiful environments that have been created in video games he is talking about scenery. The amount of effort and creative energy that has gone into making these stunning sceneries is phenomenal and it is a testament to the fact that creative energy is still alive and kicking in the UK and around the world

Children in our modern day do not always have the time to express themselves artistically, although well meaning schools have provisioned time in their curriculums for this it is almost seen as an inferior part of a child’s learning, and rather SATS are put at the forefront of what is measured and what is seen as a successful school is the marks that children get for reading, writing and maths. Reading and maths are not as creative as creative writing, painting and drama. Allowing children to express themselves artistically is vital to our future world.

Our future creative minds lie in the hands of parents now. We need to take time to nurture our children’s minds by allowing them the freedom to play, create and build whatever they want and with guidance from us to encourage them on their journey.

I found an article about this topic on Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/annapowers/2018/04/30/creativity-is-the-skill-of-the-future/#6ffa49034fd4


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