Body Reset Group Program 14-Day



NEXT Body Reset STARTS ON mid-2020 (start date unsure due to Coronavirus). In this group program, you will join me Health Coach Clint Grove and Life Coach Julie Langlois on a 14-day body reset, which includes eliminating certain foods and then slowly reintroducing them.


  1. Increased energy
  2. Get rid of the holiday food lag
  3. Feel lighter
  4. Gain confidence in yourself

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A group program where you will join with other enthusiastic people to rid your body of toxins and start to feel great again. Set yourself up for success going forward by joining with a small community of others who will spur you on and give you encouragement

2 reviews for Body Reset Group Program 14-Day

  1. Hi Clint, this program was so good. I felt like I learnt so much about food and how it affects my body. Thanks again for taking the time to guide me through this two week journey. It has really helped me to stay on track and think about my food choices. My mood is better and my heatlh seems to be on the right path now!

  2. Hi Clint. I really enjoyed the challenge of this program. I thought I would battle with the elimination of certain foods but found there are a lot of other options out there. Keeping a food journal was helpful as I could see how some foods affected me. I feel more in control now and my digestion problems have greatly improved. Thanks for your guidance and help during this time. It’s been an exciting journey.

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