03 Sep

Music as therapy and stress relief with a chat to Esther Grove and sound bites from my community #19

I talked to several friends of mine this weekend about the joy of music, what it does for us and how it helps us in our every day lives. I truly believe that music has the power to move us out of bad times and into good times. Allow the music to do this for you, don’t forget to put the radio on when you are feeling low, don’t forget to use it with your kids and use it at a party, don’t even have a party without one! And when you are trying to get romantic with the wife, put those jams on man! 

In this episode, I speak to my wife Esther Grove, Mark Bell, Colin Young, Angharad Bell, Karen Peachey, Mel and Tom Petie. 

This week’s episode is sponsored by Phoenix Fitness https://www.clintgrove.com/recommends/phoenix-fitness (this is an affiliate link)

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