18 Jul

LS12 Making it possible to find your passion with your host Clint Grove

I want to share 3 keys, plus two other tips on how you can make it possible to start to explore ways to find your passion or answer that elusive question “What am I a supposed to be doing with my life?”

1. Move more and get active, get fit, improve your thinking
2. Be still, meditate, get away from technology. Start to have focus time without any agenda
3. Expose yourself intentionally to uncomfortable situations. Like doing a presentation at work or getting into a cold shower

Tip 1 – write your passions and what you really like doing or what you are interested in on paper, this will force you to really think about it

Tip 2 – to make the right decision on all of your findings. Should I pursue this passion or idea? Then you will need your heart intuition. So work on creating greater coherence between your heart “brain” and the brain in your head.

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