06 Jul

LS11 James Cutting: Do what you love doing

James Cutting has been involved with football coaching since the age of 19. First going to the USA to coach and then working for Cambridge United for 9 years. James speaks to us about his life story and how he came to starting his own coaching business. He is now training up young kids with life skills such as discipline, good attitude and mental awareness as he does the many coaching sessions throughout the week in the East of England.

In this episode we want to help you by giving you the inspiration you might need to go out and do the things that you love doing, whether that be a hobby, or a sport, or even turning your hobby or sport into a business. Whatever it is that drives you, whatever your passion and your love, don’t neglect it and let it lie dormant. If you are a good artist, then draw, paint, make music, dance. But don’t let that talent go to waste.

Reward does come to those who take risks, the risk does not always have to be high. You should not put your families lives at risk to the point where you could become homeless, but if you have calculated it properly and you have the right plan in place and you are sure there is a market for what you want to get into then what are you waiting for? Just try as Coach James Cutting says










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    July 13, 2019

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