27 May

LS06 Is our air destined to become toxic? with Dr Alex Archibald

I speak to Dr Alex Archibald from the Emmanuel College, Cambridge University about Chemical Kinetics. A term that many of us may not have heard of, but they are involved in making better batteries that last longer and are more efficient and better for the environment. They do this by the research done into the rate of chemical reactions, which is what chemical kinetics is. Even medicine is related to this topic, such as how quick does the medicine take to have an affect on your body. In fact all aspects of life are relatable to chemical kinetics. One of the research topics that Dr Alex is doing is into air quality, and they see how climate change is affecting our air, and how our air is affecting climate change. Listen into the conversation I have with Dr Alex and gain a better insight into the world of cutting edge research and development

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