30 Jun

LS10 Massimo Gaetani – Build your resilience

Massimo is a martial arts expert who has been training in kickboxing and other disciplines since the late 1970’s. He started a blog about martial arts called Martial What!? as he is so passionate about this type of physical and mental exercise he wants the world to know about it and engage.

Martial arts, in particular, is very good for the body and the mind. Your wellness is greatly increased when you engage in any martial arts discipline. In this episode, we tried to delve deep into the psychology of this type of training and what it does for the mind.

Resilience is something that can help you cope in times of trouble. Whether it be resilience against an attack on your body, like a virus, a disease or a big punch to the face! And then there is emotional and mental resilience, who wouldn’t want to be mentally tougher and yet at the same time more loving!?

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