23 Jun

LS09 TRAILER | DR. CARMEN JAMES Why I moved away from being a GP and into integrative medicine

Dr. Carmen James gave up her job as a General Practitioner (GP) as she could no longer work within the system that was governed by the big pharma’s and where most people that came to see her where sufferers of chronic diseases which ultimately must be cured not through “cover the symptoms” type medicines but by sound advice that gets to the root cause of the disease.

This cuts to the very heart of people though as telling them that their eating and other lifestyle habits need to drastically change to cure their disease is not something they want to hear, and what is worse is that change is not quick and people want a quick fix for their sleeping disorders or other ailments. But a more holistic and natural approach would be for people to do the hard work in transforming their lives by forming better thought habits, better eating habits and better activity habits.

Dr. James also spoke about morning routines such as journaling, meditating and yoga and her enlightenment on a trip to the Far East

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