11 Sep

CLAUDETTE JORDAN: Ways to improve your energy and mood #20

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How do we know what our optimal energy level is? In reality we do not know what our maximum potential is. We can however have a feeling of bliss and feel a state of high energy and I suppose in this state we can use it as a measure to compare our previous states or alter states with.

Claudette is a psychologist with 19 years of experience dealing with patients who have varying issues they wish to overcome or goals they wish to accomplish. In her past experience she has covered many topics and speaks to us today about her passion in the field of nutrition and energy levels

We also speak about my favourite subject which is heart coherence. Meditation and breathing can increase the ability to connect with your heart. What was interesting in our conversation is that I discovered that Claudette is a an affiliate to them at the heart math Institute and uses one of their eMwave pro’s to guide her clients  on creating better heart rate variability.

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