24 Apr

Ageing well and how it will help you and society

When you have as much as energy at 80 as you did when you were 25 you have a tremendous potential to positively impact the world by sharing your wealth of information gleaned from relationships, experiences, successes and mistakes. If you take that kind of energy and intelligence and put it to work, you can literally improve the world for future generations

Dave Asprey – SuperHuman

Why you want to grow really old

I watched an interview with Peter Attia on Health Theory and I loved his tag line. Kicking ass at 100. I thought, yes, that is what I want to do. I hate thinking of getting old when I look at the norm in society, sure there are some guys who defy that like  Hélio Gracie a Brazilian jiu-jitsu master who is 95 years old at the time of this recording and he still does jiu-jitsu. 

But sadly for most the prospect of getting old fills us with dread when we see old people crippled over and using zimmer frames, walking sticks and the usual oversized waist area.

Peter Attia  (the founder of Attia Medical, PC he is a medical doctor) says that if you want to be able to still have a great grandkid run up to you and you pick him up in your arms from a haunched position then you need to treat it like that is the sport you are training for. Just as a marathon runner trains to get over that line, and he runs for weeks in advance to build up the stamina so we must create our own finish line for when we reach a 100. 

What do you want to be doing? Still windsurfing perhaps? Maybe playing football, or simply going to the pub and playing some snooker, or bowls. Maybe it’s just being able to get down onto the floor and play with your great-grandchildren. 

Consider your future

You have to think about your long term future, you can’t put it off for another day. What you do today impacts your life if you reach 100. The small cuts we give our bodies now build up over time. The more of these small cuts you inflict the worse you will be off when you are older. But we want to feel good now! We want that instant gratification, eating that cheesecake or doughnut that floods us with dopamine. We tell ourselves “It’s ok, one doughnut won’t hurt” or “I’ll start eating healthy tomorrow”

I think its safe to say that a lot of younger parents, when they think about it, want to be alive, and not just alive, but fit and well as their kids are growing up. They don’t want to die prematurely from 1 of the 4 big killers before their time is up. That is one of the reasons I started on this journey, to help people change their lifestyle habits and adopt ones that would promote longevity and health.

If you were interested to know what the 4 big killers are they are:

  1. Alzheimer’s, you may have a 10% chance of getting it
  2. Heart disease, you may have a 23% chancing of dying from it
  3. Diabetes, if you eat the usual run of the mill processed diet you have a 25% chance
  4. Cancer, without specifically taking precautions now you have a 40% chance

I’ll leave you with a thought on why fit old people will be good for our planet and economies

We struggle to envision a world where we live past a hundred years old, but governments of countries like China and Russia are investing in anti-ageing technologies because they realise that gives them a tremendous competitive advantage in the world economy. It costs a lot of money to keep re-educating the new generations of workers, not to mention caring for a sick and ageing population. What if instead of being sick, old people were productive and happy citizens who could contribute to society in their final year.

Dave Asprey – SuperHuman

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