Hi, I’m Clint Grove

I live in Cambridgeshire, UK where I produce and run the LifeShot podcast. I really enjoy trying new ideas, and I am on the constant lookout for new practices that will enhance my life and those around me in a positive way.

I am passionate about nature, health, fitness, nutrition, the power of the mind and lastly, going beyond.

I am on a mission to help you on a journey to self-empowerment, realisation of inner peace, increased compassion and to set you on a path to stronger relationships.




Strengthen Body. Mind. Consciousness On a journey to a ‘You 2.0’

Come with me on a journey of self empowerment or enlightenment as I like to call it. This can never be copied or duplicated, it’s a unique personal experience to you. Only you can take yourself there, but I can be there to support and spur you on.

Take control of your life; expand your mind. Find out how you can be a stronger, better version of yourself, not striving to be like others but being more YOU than ever before. Take yourself out of the comparison conundrum and set yourself free. Discover your passions, take care of your mind and body to become a healthier, happier you. Strengthen your mind and connect with your inner self and feel confident about who you are. Discover the connections of the mind body and soul and our relationship to the natural world.

Journey deep into your inner self and discover things that you never knew where possible. A place where you can experience self healing, an increased sense of self confidence and good things just happening to you for no reason!

As you journey along with me in LifeShot you will educate yourself on health and mind to enhance your life in the most beneficial way that will give you long lasting and positive effects.

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