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As I am so passionate about physical health, and always have been since about age 25, I thought I would start recommending supplements on my lifeshot website. I take a lot of different supplements for optimising my health. From mental health to muscle health I have around 20 different tablets that I take daily. 

I would like to help you make decisions on what to take for each area of your life. Check out the website to find out more

I hear from one of my clients about sugar cravings. I list a few things which might help you get over the need for a sweet little something after dinner

3 great benefits from a detox diet

About Me

My name is Clint Grove, I am a health coach. I am on a journey of self-empowerment and self-discovery. I am creating a new and better version of myself in the future. Through rigorous physical and mental training I am committed to making my relationships, my body, my mind, and my spirit stronger so that I can experience and enjoy life to the fullest. Take a new “shot” at life. Leave the past behind, live in the now and create the future that you want .

commitment to your development
Founder, LifeShot

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Client Testimonials

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Upon starting of the 90 Day Total Body Transformation program, I was excited but also doubtful, and this was not because of my lack of belief in the program or yourself, but more my lack of confidence in myself
_Gareth Charles,
Doing the 14 Day Body Reset was amazing. At first, I thought I would battle not having meat with my main meal. I actually cut out all meat, not even chicken or fish, and it has actually been amazing. Body
_Vivienne Van Blerk,
The most impressive thing about Clint Grove is his eagerness to learn. He is multi-passionate and open-minded, which makes him an engaging and knowledgeable interviewer. He is keen to share his learnings with like-minded people and he is driven by
_Dr. Carmen James,
They are super informative and fun. Def worth subscribing
_Bridget Grove,

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